The family of Siganidae or Rabbitfishes, are a group of fishes belonging to the Perciformes, whose name derives from the Latin word sigan, in reference to the morphology of the face, which reminds of that of a rabbit. Slightly elongated body and very compressed laterally, if we look at the profile these fishes, they have a body with an elliptical shape. Its mouth is terminal and small in size, and its jaws are not protractile. Most Rabbitfishes are exclusively marine fishes and rarely inhabit the brackish waters of the estuaries. They can be found in shallow waters (between one meter and 50 meters deep) and coastal waters of the eastern Indo-Pacific and western Mediterranean.

The dorsal fin of the Rabbitfishes is continuous and has 13 strong spines followed by 10 soft spokes. The pelvic fins also have strong spines. Normally there are 2 spines followed by 3 spokes. The anal fin is formed by 7 spines followed by 9 soft spokes. Some of the spines of the fins of Rabbitfishes are connected with poison glands.

With respect to the size of the Rabbitfishes, on average they reach 50 cm in length. These fish are mainly herbivores which feed on macro-Algae, Algae and even sea grass. Certain species can feed on Sponges and/or Tunicates. A total of 28 species are known, grouped into 1 genus and 2 subgenera. Of the total known species, 13 form banks of individuals, while the remaining 15 species are solitary